After starting her career as a pop artist, Stockholm-based Sophia Ersson has in recent years advanced to the top of Swedish film composers.

With the soundtrack to the SVT/Netflix series "Kalifat" in 2020, she made a big splash and was praised both in Sweden and internationally.

An experienced future name that all film and television producers want to work with.

Coming Soon - New Series starring Sofia Helin - Premiere on TV4 on 25.12.2023

About Sophia Ersson 

Sophia Ersson started out in Stockholm as a songwriter and music producer. She worked with several other artists and produced major concerts for big Swedish artists, while at the same time she started getting requests to score movies. That became very soon her element. Her original scores have been praised in Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and Screen International, among other international publications.

Sophia is currently scoring "The Fall" for C more, a 6-episode series starring Sofia Helin (The Bridge).

After Guldbaggen's nominations with "Girls Lost" (Pojkarna, directed by Alexandra-Therese Keining), she was also nominated for The Harpa Award and topped 2020 with scoring the major Netflix hit "Caliphate" (directed by Goran Kapetanovich), which was also voted SVT's Best Series ever. Furthermore, her score for "Girls Lost" won the international music award Grand Scores as the best score in the world together with the legends Clint Mansell (Requiem for a Dream, etc.) and Lalo Shifrin.

In 2021, The Average Color of the Universe (Alexandra-Therese Keining), was also nominated for Guldbagge for Best Sound which she made together with Jens Johansson at Chimney Studios. IN 2023 she got nominated for an RIA- Award for the best Swedish Score for "Riding in Darkness". In the same year Sophia was on the judging panel of the Camille Awards together with renowned composer Patrick Doyle, and she also hosted the Harpa Awards, where her Danish colleague, Flemming Nordkrog, won The Nordic Composer Award.

International Attention (excerpts from reviews): "Mood-wise, 'Girls Lost' also sometimes suggests a distaff version of the Spielbergian adolescent-bonding movies from the Goonies era. (A synth score by Sophia Ersson, who sings some of the songs on the soundtrack, helps to set a retro vibe.)" - Ben Kenigsberger / Variety

"The opening sequence shows main character Kim (Tuva Jagell) being pursued through the woods while a moody John Carpenter-esque electronic score pounds away." - David Rooney / The Hollywood Reporter

"Sophia Ersson has composed a distinctively personal synth score. The anxiety and unease of Pojkarna are heightened by the sparse, electronic beats of Sophia Ersson in the most intimate way. It is clear that the soundtrack to Pojkarna is not music added to the film. The score is part of the narration, as central to the storytelling and the characters as the cinematography."

/Harpa Nomination Justification



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